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Subject Specific Tutoring

ClubZ! Tutoring has been serving students from Pre-K to adult in the Omaha Metro Area since 2004. Individualized tutoring is what we do every day of the week. ClubZ! provides tutoring services seven days per week, year round.

Study Skills

At the core of being a strong student, you must be organized and understand the mechanics of studying. Schools do not always teach this, but we can. ClubZ! Tutoring has been helping Omaha Area students to study more efficiently and effectively since 2004.

Academic Enrichment

Although many people assume tutoring is only needed when a student is struggling; that is just simply not the case. We live in a competitive world. Many times families use our services to gain the competitive edge.

College Students

ClubZ! Tutoring Omaha serves the needs of college students as well. The demands of college courses can be daunting. With the size of classes increasing at area colleges, it can be difficult to get individual questions answered, especially in a quick paced academic environment.


  • How do I know when a tutor is needed?

    Honestly, it if you are searching for a tutor, that would be the first red flag that tutoring may be needed. Read more...
  • How will the ClubZ! Tutoring help my child?

    That is an easy question to answer! With nearly nine years of providing tutoring in the Omaha Metro area—the most effective way to increase the skills of a student is Individualized tutoring with a curriculum expert. Read more...
  • How is ClubZ! Tutoring different from traditional learning centers?

    ClubZ! tutors come to you – either at home or, in some cases, a public location. Read more...
  • Do I have to commit to a minimum number of tutoring sessions?

    Yes. Ask yourself; do you want “just tutoring” or tutoring that is effective? There is a difference and that difference starts with hiring a curriculum expert at ClubZ! Tutoring. Read more...